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COVID-19 and St. Matthew

Wisconsin State Mask Mandate Ended – Now What?
On Wednesday, March 31, 2021 the Wisconsin Supreme Court voted to end Governor Evers’ state-wide mask mandate, effective immediately. The CDC still recommends wearing masks, however local governments have the authority to continue their own mask mandates. At this time Marinette County has not enacted such an order.
This means that it is now voluntary to wear a mask at indoor gatherings. What does this mean for our worship services and other events at St. Matthew? It means that some may choose to continue to wear a mask or other face covering, and it means that some may choose not to, even if they do not have a medical exemption. As your pastor, I have a few recommendations for both groups.
To those who prefer/choose to continue wearing a mask:
· Feel free to do so as long as you wish.
· Realize that some may prefer not to do so, and there is no legal, nor scriptural, bind to do so.
· Especially when conversing with someone who is not wearing a mask, if you prefer to socially distance, please feel free to let them know and ask that they provide that comfortable distance.
· If you prefer to social distance, please let an usher know. You can be seated accordingly.
To those who prefer/choose not to continue wearing a mask:
· Feel free to attend without the use of a mask.
· Realize that some may prefer to continue to wear a mask, and they have the right to do so.
· When conversing with someone, whether they are wearing a mask or not, if they indicate that they would prefer to social distance while standing or sitting, please respect their wishes and remain at a distance.
For everyone, please be considerate and polite to your brothers and sisters in Christ. We have come to worship. May God bless us as we keep that our primary focus.